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Evago Camps

Children Sports Camps

The idea behind Evago Children Sports Camps is to contribute to the development of dressage and show jumping disciplines.


Since we are the largest sport centre in Croatia and the organisers of numerous show jumping and dressage competitions, we wanted to develop something new.  What makes us stand out from other children equestrian camps organised around Croatia is that we aim to introduce all children, including those who have never been in contact with a horse before and those who have already been participating in tournaments, to this beautiful sport through game and socialising. This is what makes our club special as we provide an all-around experience.


The participants will experience what it is like to own a horse, attend a tournament through tournament simulations, take care of your own horse, prepare for a tournament outside of the club and learn what equipment to bring with you or how to load a horse into a trailer.  We help children obtain their riding licences and dressage and show jumping certificates. Licenced riders can also hire a horse for participation in our tournaments which bring international feel as they are attended by riders from all over the world.



Services that we provide in our camps:

  • Overnight or half-day stay

  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner

  • Everyday training sessions with coaches who are holders of FEI Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Certificates of Achievement

  • Afternoon / evening private lessons with a coach (optional)

  • All-day supervision by coaches and assistants

  • Everyday practical and theoretical lessons

  • Fitness training with expert coaches

  • Fall training with judo coaches

  • Group and team competitions

  • Disco night, movie night, beauty pageant, raffle, talent show

  • Creating posters at lectures to be showcased to parents at the last camp day

  • Making camp memorabilia at creative workshops

  • Evago diplomas and badges award

The ever-changing camp programme makes our camps interesting even for those who attend the same camp twice.

Not only do we learn a lot, but we also have a lot of fun!

Evago Riding Camp

This camp is suitable for beginners and children preparing for obtaining their horse riding licence.


Camp features:

  • Theoretical lessons on horse care, acceptable behaviour in stables and parkour riding arena, basic figures etc.

  • Better understanding of human-horse interaction

  • Preparation for taking horse riding licence exam

  • Tournament simulation based on the previous level of knowledge (learning walk, trot and/or gallop figures in a training area)

  • Lessons with dressage and show jumping judges and riders for a proper introduction into the world of this sport

Evago Dressage & Jumping Camp

This camp is prefect for children who already have a certain experience or who have at least obtained their horse riding or some other licence.

Camp features:

  • Theoretical and practical lessons on arriving at a tournament and horse transport

  • 3-day lessons on dressage and 3-day lessons on show jumping

  • Preparation lessons for obtaining a dressage and show jumping licence

  • Lecture, training and advice from dressage judges and show jumping riders

  • Show jumping tournament simulation

  • Going to a tournament (depending on the camp dates)

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