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Unparalleled  conditions

for horse accommodation and training

About us

The newly-opened Evago Equestrian Centre is located in the Čehi neighbourhood, Novi Zagreb, at a distance of 5 km from Arena Zagreb. It provides state-of-the-art conditions for accommodation and training of horses.  



- indoor riding arena

- outdoor riding arena

- accommodation stalls for horses

- paddocks

- horse walker

- washroom with solarium

- café

- large parking lot

Hall size:
4.700 m2
Indoor riding arena:
65 m x 32 m
2.100 m2
Outdoor riding arena:
110 m x 60 m
6.000 m2
stalls for horses

Riding arenas built according to the Ebbe-Flut system

Advantages and characteristics

Fully automated irrigation and bottom drainage system.

The humidity level of the riding area is measured with humidity sensors and controlled by a computer-based system around the clock.

The constant humidity level and the resistance of the entire surface are maintained via a constant, fully-automated irrigation system below surface. This also applies to closed riding arena, even with extreme sunlight. The evaporated water is immediately replenished from below. No surface decline, no segregation and no washing away of the upper layer even in case of heavy rainfall. Excess water is automatically drained via the pipe system.


Composition: quartz sand mixed with cut textiles to provide softness and quality to the arena.

Coffee Shop

Evago Coffee Shop with two outdoor terraces and views of indoor and outdoor training area.

Parking lot:
> 5.000 m2
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